ACM Connect

Simplify & Automate Cartridge Order Fulfilment

What Is ACM Connect?

ACM CONNECT is a solution that automates the cartridge fulfilment process, and allows ACM resellers to setup printers at end user sites to automatically order cartridges whenever the cartridge is running low. This innovative new solution streamlines the entire cartridge ordering and fulfilment process from start to finish. By allowing printers to order their own cartridges, it reduces the need for end user to actively manage their cartridge inventory and supplies, at the same time creating loyalty and stickiness between the end user and reseller. Once a printer is setup on the ACM CONNECT program, a reseller will never have to worry about the end user shopping around for supplies ever again.

How Does ACM Connect Work?

ACM CONNECT is a web-based solution that utilizes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to allow a managed printer to order its own consumables based on its unique usage metrics. How does it all work? The order is automatically received by ACM, fulfiled and then shipped directly to the end user. The resellers are notified and invoiced automatically each time an order is placed and shipped, which significantly reduces administrative burden for the reseller and provides improved inventory management.

With this unique offering, dealers can specify how frequently they would like to ship supplies to their customers by ship-to location. ACM CONNECT will use the frequency provided and review all of the devices at the location to see which devices will require supplies during the period specified we call this forecasting
Predictive Replenishment.

ACM Connect Benefits

  • Generate recurring revenue. Don't worry about chasing down clients and stop waiting for clients to call you. ACM CONNECT ensures orders will get to you automatically.

  • Increase your customer loyalty. Your customer will spend less time on supplies management and more time on what matters to them, driving customer satisfaction.

  • Identify new sales opportunities. With greater insight into your clients' print environments, see and manage devices you didn't even know about.

  • Lock out your competitors before they lock you out. With automatic supplies fulfilment your customers won't need any other MPS provider or MPS solution.

  • Let your Sales team do what they can do best: sell. ACM CONNECT simplifies supplies management so your Sales team doesn't need to become 'MPS Specialists,' but can focus on what they do best.

  • Save your clients time and money. Your customers will not have to worry about device downtime as they wait for supplies to arrive, search through catalogues to find part numbers or place manual supply orders. ACM CONNECT automatically uses the correct part number for every order.

How Much Is ACM Connect?

ACM covers the entire cost of the program for qualified resellers and end users. The resellers only has to pay for the cost of the cartridges that are ordered.

How To Get Started

The entire program is managed through a simple online interface. To start using the program, the only thing that is required of the reseller is to register for an ACM CONNECT account, create an end user account, and install a device collection agent (DCA) at the end user site, which will start collecting and monitoring printer usage data. The reseller can then setup the triggers to allow the printers to automatically order supplies when it runs low on toner.

Reduce Cost. Improve Uptime. Reduce Waste.

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